Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday Boy

I'm a little late posting about Jake's birthday party. But not to worry...I want this blog post to be for many purposes. I want to commemorate my big boy, remember what the party was like and all the details, tell about how we did a lot of it on a budget, as well as give a shout-out to each person who helped it all come together! Believe me, there was no way I could have pulled this off without each of them!

It's really hard to believe that Jake is over a year old now! Where did the time go? So much has changed this year...what an amazing year it has been!
Jake is sitting in Anthony's vintage high chair from the 70's!

So handsome!

Our happy lil nugget!

Mommy made my cake, as well as the bunting banner!

There are no words for this cuteness.....
The above photos were all taken by my favorite photographer Maria Angeles Photography. She has done our Christmas card photos, as well as the 1-year photos above and the party too! We already have her booked again this year for Christmas! She also has a FB page too.

As far as the party goes, I put a ton of thought into it. I believe I began planning it when Jake was 5 months old. Ha! I may or may not have been excited to get to throw a first birthday shindig! Originally I wanted to have it at a location other than our home. But when I also thought of all the costs involved with my ideas, something had to give. So we had the party at home. It actually wasn't too bad!

The theme we went with was Vintage Rock. (It was easy to get Anthony on board with planning and helping since it involved guitars and rock.) It was easy to save money on decorations simply because Anthony collect guitars and amps anyway!

Mason Jar Snack Bar (not very healthy, but oh so fun!)

This right here is a CAKE, folks!!! That's right. We ate it.
My friend and neighbor Lauren made it in exchange for a design consultation!
Gotta love bartering!

Pom Pom balls made by Courtney Sanders. Pallets obtained at no cost and stained for $5.
Burlap bunting banner custom made $15.

I made the cupcakes. The guitar pick toothpicks were purchased on Amazon for $8.

Jake's Growing Timeline made by me!

Our favorite adoption book.

Popcorn! Get your popcorn!

Vintage Soda drink bar (sale items at World Market)

These labels were free printables online. I tied grosgrain ribbon and handwrote the names.
Mason jars were a new pack so very inexpensive for a dozen. 

Party favors from dollar store.

The world's most amazing pinata! For real.
My friend Jenna own The Merry Pop Shop on etsy and FB.
This was her gift to Jake! It even says Jake's greatest hits! WOW.

Wreath made by my momma! Isn't she rad?

A little unsure about this....

REALLLLLLY not happy with waiting while we sang to him!

Oh the wonder!!!

This is his "Let ME do it!" face.....

Annnnd look how tired that baby is. He missed quality sleeping time that weekend.

Three of my favorite women. My sisters and my cousin who might as
well be my sister. SO love them!
Overall, it was a hectic weekend and whirlwind day...but we had so much fun! My biggest shout-outs go to my husband, who actually got excited with me and helped me plan and set up and clean up and host and made three batches of homemade ice cream and parent well (He is a wonderful partner!), and my cousin Katy who LITERALLY worked her tail off all day with me while we got ready to celebrate. Thank you ALL for the hard work and help! And to all who came to celebrate with us, DEEP thanks! We love you all and can't wait to see how the next year unfolds!

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