Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Houston...We Have a Baby

This past weekend we traveled with Jake for the first time! Some lifelong friends were throwing us a baby shower, and we couldn't wait to see everyone! For those of you who don't know the history of my relationship with Anthony, let me explain. We met in 1989 when I was about to turn 11, and he was 12. My family moved to Houston and joined Houston Northwest Church, and that is not only where I met the Gordons, but all of my precious lifelong friends who threw this shower. And no. We have not dated that whole time...obviously. We didn't start dating until the end of 1999. This church family has been at my baptism, my wedding, Stayton's birth, both the highs and lows of my own past and Anthony's too, and so much more. They have been praying for us for is so nice to know we have prayer warriors.

These friends have seen me at my best and maybe even my worst. And guess what...they still love me! Ha!
L to R: Dori, Misti, Nancy, Me, Callie and Jill
Before I dive in to shower photos, I want to share how each of these ladies are special to me. I actually dug through old pics and found some good ones! Again, I will go from left to right to keep it in order...
Jill, Dori, Misti, Kari and Me on our Summer Cruise '09

Same cruise, Misti, Dori and Me doing funny
The hostess with the mostess...Misti

Dori and Me at the shower
 Dori and Misti are two friends I can totally be myself with. They laugh a lot, make me laugh a lot, and don't judge...and that makes for some seriously funny memories. They have taught me to live a little! Loosen up!

Sweet Nancy. Nancy was one of my favorite playmates growing up. She is the first person I wore my hair curly in front of, because I figured she would love me despite my crazy hair. Clearly she doesn't care how I wear my hair. ;) And now, we have baby boys the same age!

Nancy and Me in 1999

Me and Nancy a few years ago

First girls weekend...Nancy is holding Briana

Nancy and Baby Logan, and Me with Baby Jake
Next hostess is Callie. Oh, where do I even begin with Callie! I ended up marrying her brother! Yes, that's right...sleepovers at Callie's meant I would get to see her cute brother. But seriously, Callie means the world to me! She is thoughtful, creative, and I just love being her sister-in-love.
Nancy, Melissa, Me and Callie in 1995 in Galveston

Arm wrestling...Pre-baby entertainment I guess!

Callie swinging at our imaginary lake house

Myself at same said lake house
Callie feeding Jake, and Sweet Nancy with Logan

The best Aunt Callie in the world! Jake loves her already.

And then there is Jill...a.k.a. Jilly-Bean. Her whole family is awesome. Her mother and a couple of her siblings have been important to me during key points in my life. I couldn't have made it through one of my years of college, and a few other dark times, without her brother Neal's encouraging and understanding. I told Neal a month or so ago..."Neal. You are going to be the only dude at my baby shower. But you are going to be there." And guess what! He came!!! It was so good to see him. Jill is also someone with whom I share a lot in common. Jill is so thoughtful and sweet, and I just adore her.
I can't explain this pic...but at least Jilly Bean looks cute in it!

Jill, Myself, and Neal as counselors at youth camp in the late 1990's

Neal actually came to my shower! And yep.....the only dude there. Now THAT is a friend.
Thank you, hostesses for loving us and praying for us and showering us for Baby Jake. I am grateful for your friendships, as unique as they are. We are so blessed!

Now...for some great pics of the shower!

Some of our guests and loved ones.....
Mrs. Penny, Myra and Susie

A tiny part of the Lechinger Clan!

My two moms!

A couple of Ann's co-workers who have been praying for us!

A precious part of our Houston church family

These ladies are out! ;)

My Mother-in-love Ann and Jake

My new friend Angela and her son Elijah. She jumped right in and took photos for me!

THIS?!?!? Is my FLOWER GIRL! 10 years have gone by......Kelsey you are still adorable.

Kelsey and Stayton dancing the night away at our wedding in 2002.

Beautiful flower girl!
Needless to say...this was a very special weekend. Here are a few photos of the gifts we were given, along with a couple I just LOVE.

About to make my Thank You Speech...which made me get emotional. So overwhelmed with gratefulness.

And this sweet baby is what it was all for! Our new son is just a perfect blessing from above!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

2 Months Old Today!

This post will be almost no words...because honestly there are no words for this cuteness. Happy Two Month Birthday little Jake! Mommy and Daddy could not be more in love with you and that sweet smile! I apologize in advance for the HUGE amount of pictures. LOL

P.S. I would post about how awesome football is going around here for Stayton...but it's not. The 10th grade team is having a winning losing season and has lost every single game. It sure makes for a pouty teen on those nights!! Ha. Maybe next week we will have some good photos and moods about it all!

Compare to last month!! Wow what a difference.
Jake is getting bigger!