Friday, October 5, 2012

Top Ten for Ten Years Together

Happy 10th Anniversary!

It's true that I don't brag on my husband enough whether it is to his face or to others. What better day to do so than on the day we celebrate a decade of marriage! So here goes my Top Ten Favorites about my man...
Also, below is a video of photos from our years together set to the tune of "In Praise Of The Vulnerable Man" by Alanis Morissette. If more men like Anthony existed, then I am convinced that this world would be a much better place and divorces would be unnecessary. My favorite lyrics from this song are what remind me of Anthony:

"When you do what you do to provide 
How you land in the soft as you fortify 

This is in praise of the vulnerable man 
Why won’t you lead the rest of your cavalry home

You, with your eyes mix strength with abandon 
You with your new kind of heroism 

To the grace that it takes to melt on through 

This is a Thank You for letting me in
This is in praise of the vulnerable man 
Why won’t you lead the rest of your cavalry home"

I love you Anthony!

Top Ten

1. He literally rushes home to see us. He loves his job, but he can't get enough of us.

2. He randomly does things to help around the house. Random weeknight? Dishes...check. Random football Sunday? Laundry folded...check. He's just sweet like that.

3. He works so hard so that I can raise our boys whole-heartedly. Not only that, but he edifies me in my new "Career" by telling me how good I am at it and how happy it makes him to see this new phase of life unfold.

4. The sleepless nights of having a newborn have been totally a piece of cake all because of him. He gives me every Friday night to sleep all night in the sunroom, secluded, uninterrupted. And wakes me late the next morning with "Sleepyhead...your breakfast is in the microwave." He seriously cooks me breakfast a LOT, which just so happens to be my favorite meal of the day.

5. He models a great work ethic and sets high standards and expectations for our boys. Well, at least for Stayton at this point. ;) He graduates December 14 from Dallas Baptist University with his MBA. So proud!

6. We have some really important things in common to make marriage work: a) We are both flaming extroverts. He loves people and conversation just as much as me! b) We both are early-to-bed, early-to-rise people. c) We both are consistent with our weekly men's and women's Bible studies. So important!

7. He loves music, and church, and worship, and God. All of these things were high on my "Husband Must-Have" list.

8. When we have guests in our home, he proudly gives them "The Tour"...showing off my art pieces along the way. Talk about edification! He is so proud of his family.

9. He is just as stubborn as me...if not more. We each have quick-wit and don't put up with much from each other. We don't really fight at us weird... But I'm being serious when I say we argue more just to give each other a hard time with a smile on our faces than we argue "for real."

10. Lastly, he is such a family man. That movie "Family Man" has always been a family favorite. (Maybe because his favorite pretty actress is Tea Leoni??) We watch that movie more frequently than any other, except maybe Juno. Both movies get quoted quite a bit around here.

Take a moment to tell your loved ones how important they are to you today in honor of us! And enjoy the video below...

*Thank you Eric Bird for your technological expertise! Couldn't have posted this post without you! :)


  1. Happy 10 years! I love your story and looking back to HNWBC early days and seeing now your beautiful family of 4! Thanks for sharing your top 10! That video is just beautiful! I pray the Lord provides incredible moments of celebration for you as you look back over these 10 years and anticipate those ahead!

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary! 10 YEARS! Love the post, love y'all! Miss you like crazy!