Sunday, October 21, 2012

Candy Corn Onesie

I saw a photo on Pinterest for this project, but didn't bother to follow directions. I don't even think I opened the link...I just repinned the photo for the fun idea. Right after Jake was born, my friend and I got together to dip-dye onesies for our new little babies, so I had some leftover dye. They just so happened to be the two colors I needed for Jake's Fall Candy Corn Onesie.

Step 1
Gather supplies. You will need a white onesie, liquid RIT brand dye, salt, hot water, a bowl, a spoon and an old towel to soak up stains, as well as a drying rack if you have one.
Step 2
Fill the bowl with hot water, dissolve some salt, and add the orange dye. Mix well.

Step 3
Holding the onesie at the shoulders, slowly dip it in evenly across until it reaches the armpit area. Leave in for a couple seconds then slowly pull it back out. Allow to drip, then lay on the old towel.

 Step 4
Add the red dye to the dark yellow, and it makes a nice deep red-orange. Mix well.

Step 5
Holding the onesie at the shoulders, dip evenly and slowly until the red reaches the waist area. Let it sit for a few seconds then slowly pull the onesie out.

Step 6
Just put on a drying rack with the old towel underneath to catch drips. The bottle instructions will tell you to rinse the onesie, wash the onesie. DO NOT DO THAT. It will bleed it all together....clearly this project is a one-time wear for a photo-op, and that's it.

Step 7
Get your adorable baby in a good mood and dress him/her and take a million photos just to get a few good ones! EASY! (Mine had the hiccups...oh well.)
What is THAT?!?


You mean this isn't REAL candy corn???

I just can't seem to get rid of these love handles!

But I'm still still love me ;)

My sweet son...Happy Fall!

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  1. Super cute!!!

    Oh, and the onesie is cute, too. :)