Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Kick-Off

Well, with the close of Thanksgiving happening as I type, I thought I would share a few photos of our Christmas decorations. I know, I know. I'm an earlybird. But honestly, Anthony was off work this week, so we used our "staycation" time to deep clean the house (spring cleaning in November?!?) and put up Christmas decorations...I call it a success. Tomorrow I can relax and head to the galleria to watch the lighting of the tree ceremony and have lunch with my family! I don't have to think about decorations now....I think I might be an earlybird from now on.

I used my summer to not only decorate Jake's nursery since we knew he would be headed our way with only a six week head's up, but I also sewed a whole new set of Christmas stockings. It was nice to not have to worry about that once he came HOME...since babies are quite a bit of work! Thanks to my wonderful and talented Mother-In-love Ann for monogramming our names on them. The boys all got stripes, and the girls got flowers.
My chalkboard is my favorite decoration in the whole house. I use it in each of Jake's monthly birthday photos, and I can write whatever the heck I want on it. Year-round I keep inspirational quotes on it. But for the holidays it is so fun to use it to spread holiday cheer!
See that wreath there?  I made that. In 15 minutes flat. With dollar store garland and garage sale berries. SCORE!
The mantels are my favorite places in the home to decorate for Christmas. Our formal living room I focus on the scriptural Christmas decor, while our library/music room I decorate with more of the holiday cheer flair.

The bottom line in this house is this: Nothing over the top, because what goes up must come down. Enough to know that it's Christmas, make memories for my family, and get in the spirit of Christmas...but that's about it. If my husband weren't acrophobic (heights...) maybe we would hang lights outside.

I will leave you with a couple special photos...Jake's first ornament for his first Christmas! As well as our family's adoption ornament for 2012! What a great year of blessings from above this has been thus far.

Baby's First Christmas!

Sweet 16 this year! Sweet Kiddo.......


  1. Love it! Can't believe it's Christmastime already... nuts!

  2. Awe I love it! And I may have to snag some ideas! Heehee. We are eay decorators too....always on bla k Friday after the shopping! This year we are away but you can bet that is what I will be doing the day I return!!!