Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lovin' Life

We have been totally lovin' life around here! Stayton is about to start his second year of High School, and has started football practices...which lead to munchies right afterwards.
We went to pick up his schedule, see his friends, and buy supplies and spirit wear this week. We are so glad he loves his school and friends. He is also very helpful with baby brother, making sure he kisses his head a few times a day and holds him some. We love our Stayton so very much!

Also, Jake has hit the 4-week mark and is just a day or two shy of his 1 month birthday! My, how time flies. He is SUCH a great baby. I will let the photo show his milestones for this month.
We are madly in love with Jake and our family feels so whole and complete now. God has truly blessed us, and we are exceedingly grateful. Isn't our baby beautiful? We aren't biased at all. Not one bit.



  1. I love the photos! So creative with the chalk board! Such a beautiful boy and so blessed to be meant for such an amazing family.

  2. Wow miss him so much! He gets cutier and cutier (is that a word?) every time I see pics. Thanks for the post and update.
    X/O X/O